1984 Dodge Pickup Truck: E-Mail Auction: For the Maxine Mundt Estate-- Closes Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at Midnight.

(THE 1984 DODGE PICKUP TRUCK SOLD FOR $850.00 on 12-15-20.)

Auction Notice:

One Item, E-Mail Auction--
For the Maxine Mundt Estate

*1984 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck, 150 Custom--we have title to this vehicle & it's in running condition*
(It should be noted that the truck had not run since last year but we did get to start over the weekend)

Sale opens Tuesday, December 8, 2020 @ 3:15 PM
Sale ends Tuesday, December 15, 2020  Midnight


All bids should be sent by email to our office:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photos have now been posted.

Please click on the "View Photos" icon below to access the gallery.

We will post the high bid each morning so you can bid accordingly.
The email with the highest bid at the end of the auction will win.
We will notify the buyer by phone or email so be sure to include your phone number and name with your bid.

Please be sure to include your Phone Number with your email so we may contact you if needed.

12-08-20:  Opening email bid on the Dodge Ram Pickup is $250.00
12-09-20:  $300.00
12-10-20:  $350.00
12-11-20:  $400.00
12-12-20:  $450.00  (Morning Bid)
$500.00  (Mid-Afternoon Bid)
12-13-20:  $525.00--(Early Morning Bid at 2:10 AM)
12-14-20:  $600.00--(Late Morning Bid)

We will start posting hourly bid at 1:00 PM today.

12-15-20:  $625.00
12-15-20:  $675.00
12-15-20: $700.00
No new bids as of 1:00 pm
No new bids as of 2:00 pm
No new bids as of 4:00 pm
No new bids as of 5:45 pm
No new bids as of 7:30 pm
No new bids as of 9:00 pm
No new bids as of 10:15 pm
12-15-20:  $750.00  (10:38 pm bid)
12-15-20:  $800.00

12-15-20:  $850.00   (FINAL BID)

All right everyone, I am leaving it up to you for the rest of the evening.
We will check all bids early tomorrow morning and post the winning bid by 8:00 AM.
Have fun, and we'll contact the winning bidder tomorrow morning.


We are selling for the Maxine Mundt Estate.


  Thank you for participating in this email auction!


Norman L. Ford – Broker       Gregory A. Ford – Salesman


2000 West Denton Road       Lincoln, NE 68523

www.fordfordauctioneers.com       or     www.fordford.net

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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